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MAPFRE wants to thank its shareholders for their trust, so we are offering you the possibility of joining “MAPFRE SHAREHOLDERS. UNIQUE ASSET”. We want to give you more information about what is going on in the Company, and we want to tell you about it first-hand, to offer you:

Además, te queremos informar mejor de lo que sucede en la compañía, y queremos ser nosotros los que te lo contemos de primera mano para ofrecerte:

¿Quieres beneficiarte de todas estas ventajas?

Si eres accionista residente en España y titular de al menos 1.000 acciones rellena el siguiente formulario para formar parte de nuestro plan de accionistas.

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Program conditions


You are hereby informed and expressly consent to the processing of the data that was voluntarily provided in this document, as well as any and all information provided to MAPFRE SA, be it directly or through any intermediary, even once your relationship with MAPFRE has ended, and where appropriate, any international transfer or communication of the information with the purposes detailed in the further information about data protection.

If the information provided referred to third party natural persons other than the concerned party, the concerned party guarantees having requested and received prior consent from these third parties regarding the sharing of their personal information, as well as having informed them in advance of their inclusion in this document, of the purpose of the data processing, sharing and other terms set out herein and in the Further Information about Data Protection.

The concerned party guarantees the accuracy and veracity of the personal information provided, and agrees to duly maintain them up to date and to inform MAPFRE SA of any changes produced in said information.

Basic information about data protection

  • Managing our relationship with shareholders.
  • Providing information to shareholders about sociocultural activities and news of interest about MAPFRE, and invitations to events.
Consent of the concerned party.
The information will be able to be shared with third parties and/or transferred to third countries in the terms set out in Further Information.
You may exercise your right to access, rectification, elimination, restriction, objection and portability, detailed in Further Information about Data Protection.
Further information about data protection can be found here.

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